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Welcome to the Lords Of Blood Website!

The Lords Of Blood Guild were created on the second world preview of GW and now 7 years later, moved over to Guild Wars 2 after the Beta Weekends were available!

If you are interested to join us, please check the Membership Application Infos and our Guild Rules on the left side of our site.

After that you can apply on our forums memberships section by registering on the forums and the site.

You can also contact us first online and talk with us in game on the Jade Quarry Server.

We wish you a enjoyable stay in our forums and on our site and hope to hear from you.

Dumeka Shoren

A Epic Event and more to look forward to!

Dumeka, Nov 23, 12 11:23 AM.
A new area, the Lost Shores were added into the game and it looks great in my opinion!
A new pet, new enemies, new goodies and a epic event that took place over the range of 3 days!

Everyone that finished it ended up with two pieces of exotic and two pieces of rare gear!
Additional to that a special chest that gave out one exotic ring and a 20 slots bag that comes very handy to everyone that aquired it for sure!

Over the course of the last few weeks we were also able to gain a few more members from various areas of this world.

I'm very proud of our achievements so far since we reached level 4 on economy and level 3 in politics, architecture and Art of War.

Additional news for coming updates are the set of a new type of gear that includes the Agony Resistance buff that will be handled similar to the infusion mechanic of Guild Wars 1 and will benefit the wearer against a certain type of enemies!

For the next few updates, ANet is planning to also add more Guild contents and I'm very excited as also looking forward to it a lot.

News & Updates!

Dumeka, Sep 14, 12 11:03 AM.
So here I'm after unfortunately a long time adding some more news on our site!

Was way too busy and absorbed in the wonderful game ANet provided us with and since most of our members were on the same state as me with little interest to spend time on the site, News about our guild were rather little.

So another weekend is coming and I will try to run some dungeons with our guildies as also do some sPvP, WvsWvsW or another Charm Tour with our Rangers to show them were every Pet is located in the game!

Guild Upgrades
Very happy to announce that we are already on level 2 Architecture, level 1 Economy, level 1 Warfare and currently upgrading to level 3 Politics (should be done by tomorrow or so)!

I wanna thank all our members for contributing so we can upgrade everything quite fast cause it resulted for us running a few buffs, already having our Guild Stash, Guild Armourer, Guild Emblem and available Vault Transports that can be activated when needed by any member since they all have access to that!

Currently enjoying running a dungeon or two for goodies, xp and fun together.

We have reached 27 members in game and I'm looking forward to new applicants so we can increase our numbers a bit more!

More news to come soon so stay tuned!

Official Launch & Other News!

Dumeka, Aug 28, 12 1:27 AM.
Finally the time has arrived, the release day has come and the Lords of Blood have risen in Guild Wars 2 again. :)

We are currently counting 14 members, have reached level 1 in Politics and got our own Guild Emblem and Banner!

With the official release hitting today, I'm expecting more people and friends that wanted to join us from other games to come along.

Needless to say, I'm totally excited to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and I thank you all for all the fun we have together.

A special thanks goes out to our member AlienlsGOD today for providing us with a new Ventrilo server!
The Info is in the forums Members section so go and check it out but keep the info within the guild.

Our Channel can currently hold 20 people but we have expansion possibilities in case we might need more space in the future.

Currently researching Architecture level 1 in game and in a few hours I will start research for our Guild Workshop!

More to come soon so stay tuned. :)
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